If you want to sell more products or make your Etsy shop more profitable, then download my free Etsy sellers guide: 3 steps to becoming a top Etsy seller

ebook previewFree Guide: 3 steps to becoming  a top Etsy Seller

In my years of blogging and featuring Etsy sellers, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the best independent makers and incredibly creative people.

Shops that stand out are the ones who do everything right with seemingly no effort. But behind the scenes they are constantly evolving; listening to customers, improving their product, updating their marketing and so much else.

Many of them are actually teams of people, all bringing a different set of skills and all working together to grow their collective business.

Recognising that you can’t expect to grow a successful Etsy business all by yourself is a key transition point. Even if you had all the skills needed to build your business, you wouldn’t have time to do it all.

My guide: 3 steps to becoming a top Etsy seller will give you a solid starting point from which to launch your business, and it’s completely free! Based on years of seeing best practice on Etsy as well as my own experience in starting as well as running successful businesses, this is a quick guide that will get you to focus on 3 main elements of your business.

Perhaps you already know people with the skills needed and ready to help you, or you have made good connections on forums or communities. There is a lot of great support available online and many people offering to share their experiences with you.

If you are seeking for some one-to-one support to grow your business, I’d love to hear from you. Contact me to discuss which areas you’re struggling with and we can agree a plan that will see you through the challenges you’re experiencing. Often I’m able to signpost clients to lots of free tools available online. For a first 20-minute consultation I charge a nominal fee of $10 and you don’t have to commit to anything else.

Why do I offer 20-minutes of advice and signpost you to other free sources? Because I only charge for services that are unique to you. I know that there is lots of free advice out there which can be unlocked with a 5 minute google search. By charging a nominal fee I can concentrate on supporting individuals who are serious about growing their business.